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Learn to Ride Program

Learn to ride at Grey Horse Farm on our well-mannered, experienced and well-schooled lesson horses, or bring your horse.


We have the experience, skill and knowledge to help riders meet all their riding aspirations.  In a supportive program focused on education, community and fun while building the foundations for riders to begin moving through the classical training scale of  English equestrian riding, we provide beginner English riding lessons for all people, starting as early as 5 years old,  All of our students are encouraged to progress at their own pace.


Grey Horse Farm teaches correct riding basics along with a classical approach to understanding the horse and riding with harmony. Beginner riders work to establish comfort and skill in all three gaits (walk, trot, and eventually canter) while learning the basic levels of the training scale. Exercises on horseback and games of various kinds make learning fun and easy for students of all ages. While learning to ride takes time and practice, its rewards are many and often extend past the riding arena and into personal development.

We have four levels of lessons within our Learn to Ride Program. The first three progress from those who are experiencing their very first time on a horse through to level 3, when students are furthering their basic cantering skills.  All riders progress at their own pace; most take 10 months or more of regular weekly riding lessons to be ready to move on to level 4 in either dressage basics or jumping basics.  Riders can register for Learn to Jump once they are more comfortable in their canter work and they speak with their instructor about their goals and next steps.  

All of our group lessons are 1 hour in duration; however, the learning is not just in that hour of riding instruction.  Before and after their riding lesson, students learn the foundations of horsemanship, including proper grooming techniques, horse language, barn safety, and barn etiquette.  Our goal is to help you become increasingly independent at the barn, but don't worry, we will be there to help guide you and answer your questions along the way.  


The learning-to-ride journey is unique for each rider.  Many people ask how long it will take to become a more skilled rider.  It takes approximately 10 months to a year (or more) of consistent weekly lessons and riding to attain a good starting foundation for becoming a skilled rider.  We encourage our students to set individual goals for their learning and riding to work towards.  Why can it take so long to just develop a foundation?  Riding and learning horsemanship is complex!


Learn to Ride
Program Schedule

Weekend Programming -

Saturday & Sunday mornings* with a mix of children, youth & adults.


The first lesson starts at 8:30am and the last lesson usually ends at 12:30pm. **

*Please note that there are varying levels of lessons each morning.  Not all lessons on these mornings are suitable for new riders.

There is also a Monday evening adults-only Level III flat class.


While we try to accommodate requests for specific lesson days and times, we are limited to the spots available when you register.

At Grey Horse Farm, our lesson programs are automatically renewed monthly.  You are welcome to sign up for as many or as few months as you like.  You can join mid-month, and your initial registration fee is prorated for the weeks you began attending.  

**We expand and contract the number of classes based on enrolment numbers.  We try to have no more than 5 continuously registered riders per class.


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