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Your First Lesson

Whether you are starting riding lessons for the first time or you are a seasoned rider who has switched barns, we hope you will find the information on this page helpful for your first lesson at Grey Horse Farm.

General Expectations Before You ride

It is the general expectation that both you and your horse are neat and tidy.  Your horse is to be groomed and tacked properly so that it is clean and nicely turned out.  Which means you have groomed all visible dirt off the horse, its legs are clean, you have picked all dirt and rocks out of its hooves, and you have brushed its mane and tail.  You have an approved and properly fitted equestrain riding helmet and boots with a 1/2" heel.  Without these you will not be allowed to ride.  If you have long hair, it is tied back in a ponytail or braid.  You are not wearing clothing or jewelry that will be a safety hazard.  No chewing gum in the arena.  Proper riding breeches are recommended, but not mandatory.


Experienced Riders

We understand you have experience and likely know how long it takes you to get yourself and your horse ready for your lesson.  Please arrive earlier than usual to familiarize yourself with the barn and properly prepare your horse and yourself for your first lesson.  For intermediate and advanced riders, we do not have any barn staff or volunteers on hand to assist you.  please ask for assistance from those around you.  We are a very friendly barn and are more than willing to help.  We hope you have fun!

Beginner Riders

All riders at Grey Horse Farm are expected to learn how to properly take care of the horse they ride both before and after their lessons.  Please ensure you give yourself enough time on your riding lesson days to learn proper horse care, and practice proper barn etiquette of cleaning up after yourself and your horse.

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