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Intermediate & Advanced Programs

Whether you wish to pursue Eventing as a sport or just want to further develop your dressage or jumping skills, Grey Horse Farms can help you take your riding skills to the next level.

Take Your Riding to the Next Level

Grey Horse Farms is a rider's barn.  We specialize in teaching the classical foundations of riding in both dressage and jumping.  We are also a competitive Eventing barn, which means we like to participate in Eventing (Alberta Horse Trials Association) shows.  Do you need to be an eventer to come and take lessons from us?  No.  You just need to have a desire to learn and we will assist you in pursuing your goals.


The primary focus of Grey Horse Farm is on learning the disciplines of Eventing (dressage, stadium jumping & cross-country).  We teach correct riding using classical foundations to understanding the horse, and riding with harmony.  Students are NOT required to show, however, if you would like to enter into the world of showing, we work with you to create a plan for your development.  We are an active Eventing competitive barn and offer a competitive program for riders serious about showing.


Either a private riding assessment or a tryout lesson may be needed to determine optimal placement.  We will discuss with you what the best option may be for you and your needs.

Lessons are one hour of learning.  Grooming and tacking are not part of the scheduled lesson time.  Students at this level are expected to be independent, knowledgeable, and skilled at grooming and tacking up.  Both dressage and jumping lessons at all skill levels are available.  You can either do a single lesson per week or attend lessons twice a week. Additionally, for an extra fee, riders who lease or own their own horses can sign up for on and off-site cross-country clinics in spring, summer, and early fall.  Riders at this level have likely been riding for 3 or more years in regular weekly lessons and either have passed a minimum of Rider Level 4 or have the skills and knowledge to pass the Level 4 criteria.

School horses are available, or you are welcome to use your own horse for all lessons.  Additionally, we can lease a horse through private owners or one of our great lesson horses.


Dressage Lessons - Tuesdays*

Jumping Lessons - Wednesday & Thursday evenings

*There may be some limited daytime group lesson spots available.

Please note - private and semi-private lesson spots are very limited and they are booked directly with coaches.

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